Order Status

Completed   ~   In Work

The following orders have been shipped (with shipping date):

Terrence Shackelford - leather bottle
John Cox - lamellar
Rebecca Green - Leather Bottle
Jarrod Spillars - Pair Demis
Dan Parrish - Lamellar
Anthony McGuire - Demi
Josh Harrison - Pari demis
David Hollander - Helm
Andrew Jones - Lamellar Shirt kit

Gary Thigpen - Hand Ax
Mark Fitch - Lamellar Shirt Kit, gorget, spades, hand ax

The following orders have been completed and will be shipped shortly:

John Holmes - lamellar, quisses, knee cops
Rowan - quisses, demi
Barony of Vinhold - pair elbow cops, 3 demis, 2 gorgets, kidney belt
Erin Stanton - hand ax
Hannibal - hand ax
Lisa Boehler- leather bottle
Richard Keffeler - lamellar shirt kit
William Shammel - lamellar shirt kit
Shawn Shaw - Scale Coat

Orders being physically worked on (This is not the whole queue, this is just what I am working on directly):

Siani - Shovel Greaves, bazubands
Max Bowman - shovel greaves, bazubands
Rob Sands - Bazubands
Michael Jensen - bazubands
Syr Bear - Bazubands
Zohff - Bazubands
Bruhn - rattan sword
Lucas Mingst - Shovel greaves, quisses
Drew Seidler - bazubands, gauntlets, lamellar, gorget, knee cops
Ulfirtha - Tooled pauldrons, scale coat
Mike Albrecht - gorget, demis, spades

If you want an update on something not listed, please contact me directly at torvaldr@skaldic.com